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Native to the metro-Atlanta area, recording artist Ansley Fain has built her music on optimistic ground. Fain's lyrics, like her surname, are rooted in the term "rejoice" -- aspiring to encourage listeners to stay joyful and full of hope through their own life-walks.


Born the year of 1996 in Cartersville, Georgia, Ansley grew up listening to her mom practice harmonies for the local church choir. From the beginning there was a deep seeded love for music. Hearing encouragement and affirmation of love in the lyrics became somewhat of a life-line for Fain during adolescence. It wasn't until high school that she joined musical theater where she found a new love for performing and started seeing her own voice grow. Finally, in 2016 Ansley discovered her passion for songwriting.


In the fall of 2017, Fain made her first West Coast appearance to perform at a Meet the Ocean benefit concert held in Portland, Oregon. After working in the industry with bands for a few years, Ansley branched off to discover her own artistry.


In 2019 she released her debut single "Be Kind" and another titled "Energy" the following year. Currently Ansley is in the recording process of her next release as well as continuing to write and collaborate with local and national artists.

May all that you do be done in love. ​

Rejoice always.

Talk soon!

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