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Georgia native Ansley Fain builds her music on optimistic ground. Like her surname, Fain's lyrics are rooted in the term "rejoice;" aspiring to encourage listeners to keep their heads up through life's storms and seasons.


Since the start of her career in 2017, this creative gem has taken the stage at some of the Atlanta's most reputable music venues including The Masquerade, Vinyl, Smith's Olde Bar, and Aisle 5. She was also invited to perform at a benefit concert for Meet the Ocean in Portland, Oregon at which she made her West Coast debut. Along with this success, her music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming services including YouTube (on which she has published multiple music videos).


Today, Ansley finds herself inspired by the truth that words have the power of life and death. Like seeds sown into the earth, words are sown into the heart and mind. Their fruit, whether nurturing or rotten, can manifest in our lives. Sowing in song, she strives to cultivate love, hope, and life for all who listen.


You can find two of her singles under the aliases Higher Hopes and Just Human.


May all that you do be done in love. ​


Rejoice always.

Talk soon!

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